OnePlus Crackables series of crypto-challenges for gamers lets you win ultimate gaming setup worth 21 lakhs

OnePlus Crackables

OnePlus today has announced the Crackables which is its limited-time game created together with their friends at Google. It is a game that is developed as a challenging series of Android-based crypto-puzzles and is open for anyone to participate. Crackables is a mobile-only experience.

The game is written by  Sleep Deprivation Lab and comprises of a series of compelling puzzles that need a combination of skill and speed to complete.
Players will be guided through a series of puzzles, both digital and physical, in order to keep progressing.  The company says that only the first 1000 people to make it through the first 3 challenges will qualify to continue and have the microcontroller sent to them to become a potential winner.

It will also include the opportunities to win prizes at multiple stages in the game, but only 1 will be awarded an ultimate gaming setup, valued at $30,000 (around Rs. 21 lakhs). To create the game, OnePlus has partnered with Google Asia-Pacific ZOO.

The ZOO team developed the Crackables concept and worked with award-winning digital production company Unit 9 on the game design and puzzle mechanics, using Google’s Dialogflow which is a conversational platform powered by machine learning to create a virtual chatbot “host”.  The game will begin on September 18th 5:30 PM. You can check out the game at