YouTube Kids gets parents approved content, “Older” version experience for tweens

YouTube Kids

YouTube today is introducing two new features to its YouTube Kids app including the parents approved content where it brings the ability for parents to handpick every video and channel available to their child in the app.

Furthermore, it is also launching a new experience geared toward 8-12-year-olds that includes additional new content, like popular music and gaming videos. Parents can pick this “Older” version when setting up a new profile or updating an existing profile if they think their kids are ready.

However,  the “Younger” version will remain as the default content experience and will continue to have a wide selection of sing-alongs and age-appropriate learning videos. YouTube is rolling out the new older experience in the U.S. and plans to expand globally soon.

YouTube Kids

As for the parents approved content, parents can enable this feature by opening the settings, go to the child’s profile and select approved content only. Parents can choose any video, channel or collection of channels they like by tapping the “+” button. Parents can also search for a specific creator or video. If parents choose to enable this mode, their kids will not be able to search for content on their own. This feature is available on Android and is coming to iOS soon.