Samsung Galaxy Note9’s S Pen might be able to control music playback, used as long-range self-timer

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch invite

Samsung already confirmed that its flagship Note 9 will be launching on August 9th and with launch still a month far, rumors are not resting. Latest we hear is that the Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen might be able to control music playback, long-range self-timer. This rumor falls in line with the reports of S Pen going to receive its “biggest update ever” for Samsung’s Note flagship smartphone.

The first Galaxy Note 9 teaser from Samsung particularly focuses on the S Pen which acts as enough evidence to believe that there might be some truth behind the reports. Ice Universe, who is renowned leakster for Samsung’s upcoming phones claimed that Galaxy Note 9 S Pen will essentially be a portable Bluetooth controller.

Since it might support Bluetooth, the S Pen button could be used for triggering a long-range remote self-timer and for controlling music playback. Furthermore, there are separate reports which claim that the S Pen might offer some game-play features but that’s just speculation at this point in time. Surprisingly, S Pen might even double as a Bluetooth speaker but that would require an inbuilt battery which in turn would make it thicker.

Samsung obviously hasn’t confirmed any details, so we can’t really expect these rumors to be true. Either way, with the official launch just a month away, it is safe if we wait before jumping to conclusions.