Google Duplex demo shows how Assistant will identify itself while making reservations

Google Duplex

Google at the I/O 2018 has demoed the Google Duplex; this tech is where Assistant dupes itself as a human, call a business and get you a reservation. To make it sound like more human has added in human ticks like “umm.” However, concerns were raised regarding how ethical this feature is. Back in May, Google clarified in a statement that the experimental system would have “disclosure built-in.”

Google today posted a new demo video of Duplex, and this time Assistant identified itself. In the new video, Assistant identifies itself by saying “Hi. I’m the Google Assistant calling.” right after the call gets connected. You can initiate a Duplex call yourself; meaning that you can ask Assistant to make a reservation on a specific day, Assistant gathers more info, and then a different “version” of Assistant places the call.

As for the demo, it is quite neat and impressive, but it still needs to be seen how it’ll work in real life. As you can see, the automated call will be recorded probably to improve the quality of the call. Google will begin testing Duplex with select users and businesses later this year.