HTC shipments more than double the previous year

HTC is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world, and HTC smartphones are known as one of the best. HTC was the first one to launch the first Android powered phone in public, the T-Mobile G1, and that changes everything. HTC saw great potential in Android, so in past 2 years, HTC has launched a lot of Android powered devices, and HTC Android powered phones are always the first choices of people. HTC announced it this Friday while announcing their Q4 Results that their shipments were more than double the previous year, which means that HTC is growing up rapidly. Like HTC predicted, HTC shipped 9.9 million units in Q4, bringing in a revenue of 3.3 Billion. Well, HTC is a big player, but they are not the biggest. They are still behind Nokia, Samsung, LG, RIM, and Apple, and I think in few years, HTC will be in top 5, because they are growing up very fast. HTC has also announced several WP7 handsets, and now HTC is putting their trust in WP7 after the great success with Android. I hope HTC will keep launching some great Android and Windows Phone in future. Do you like HTC? If yes then why?