HTC set to ship 7-8 million units in Q3, 9-10 million units in Q4

HTC is one of the leading mobile companies in the world. We all know that HTC love making awesome, sexy and reliable devices, HTC Desire and Nexus One are great examples. HTC has big dreams, because this year they are planning to ship 7-8 million smartphones in Q3 2010, and around 9-10 million in Q4. HTC is really have some big plans, because HTC is actually going to launch some good Android and Windows Phone 7 devices later this year, which will be a great boost to their sales. HTC is currently known as the leader in Android phones, and HTC-made Windows powered phones are also famous, especially the HD2. So folks we are going to see some strong performance by HTC in 2010/11. Do you think HTC can reach their milestone? Tell us !