Samsung Display showcases new 2.43-inch 1200 PPI AMOLED VR display

Samsung Gear VR_fonearena-05

Early last week, Google and LG teamed up to showcase the next-gen VR OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and 1443ppi. Samsung at the SID 2018 exhibition last week unveiled a 2.43-inch VR panel with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels accounting for a pixel density of 1200 PPI.

Samsung VR display

Apart from the most ambitious VR panel, Samsung also has three different panels on display; two were 3.5-inch and 3.2-inch panels with 1440×1600 and 1824×1824 resolution, with a pixel density of 616 PPI and 806 PPI. It is possible that Samsung might be working on standalone virtual reality headsets across different price ranges. However, it could also be a speculation at this moment since Samsung didn’t mention anything about an upcoming Gear VR.

However, models with different prices and specs sound like a good idea to get things going for its standalone headset. Either way, we should wait for some more time to see what Samsung is planning.