Palm Pre 2 hitting AT&T and Rogers ?

Yesterday, HP officially announced the Palm Pre 2 along with the new WebOS 2.0. As we know that the Palm Pre 2 is a successor to Palm Pre, and the phone is already headed to SFR France, Verizon Wireless, and an unknown carrier in Canada. Everyone in Canada is curious to know that who’s going to get the device, and may be the answer is buried in the source code of Palm Canada site. Have a look on the source code:

<!–p>The Palm Pre2 phone is available on the Rodger’s network.</p–>

Rodgers network? There’s no Rodgers network in Canada, but there is Rogers Network in Canada, which is the largest mobile network in Canada. Palm launched the Palm Pre in Canada via Bell, but this time they are going to pick Rogers network over Bell, or maybe  HP is planning to choose both. Well, it will be clear soon.

Another interesting thing was hidden in the source code that AT&T is also getting the Palm Pre 2. AT&T is already offering the Palm WebOS powered phones, so may be it’s true that they are getting the Palm Pre 2 too. Check out the source code:

rel=”/us/assets/data/products/pre2_wtb.json” id=”aux-wheretobuy” href=”#wtb”>
<h3> Buy now <img
src=”/assets/images/global/sidebar_link_arrow.gif”> </h3>
<p>Available on Verizon Wireless <br />
and AT&amp;T network</p>

Well folks, that’s all we know about the Palm Pre 2. I hope we will see it on multiple carriers by the end of 2010. Anyone planning to get the Palm Pre 2?