SwiftKey for Android gets exclusive Halo Sticker pack and Skype emoticons


SwiftKey for Android has received  new exclusive Halo Sticker pack and Skype emoticons. This marks the first time Halo Stickers are available on Android and in this pack, you will find eight stickers totally exclusive to SwiftKey for Android users, that are a fun mix of animated and non-animated.  


These new Halo Stickers make it easy to bring an option and new way to engage with your friends and opponents right from your device. In addition to the Halo Stickers, It is also adding a selection of 24 of Skype’s animated emoticons and this is also the first time any of these are available outside of Skype. The company last month has rolled out the new Toolbar to easily access  Themes, Clipboard and more on Android and iOS.

SwiftKey with the new Halo Sticker pack and Skype emoticons is already available for Android, you can download it from Play Store.