Nokia and Facebook team up to expand 60GHz fixed wireless access ecosystem

Nokia and Facebook

Nokia today announced that it is partnering with Facebook in expanding the ecosystem for fixed wireless access over 60 GHz to deliver gigabit speeds. The 60GHz band allows high-speed broadband connectivity in urban or suburban areas, complementing existing fiber.

Nokia mentioned that it would combine its worldwide delivery capabilities and wireless passive optical network (WPON) with Facebook’s Terragraph technology in launching global gigabit broadband trials in 2018 with select customers. By combining WPON with Terragraph’s mesh-routing and multi-hop capabilities will allows broadband providers to wirelessly deliver gigabit services over wider areas with high reliability and meet growing demands for ultra-broadband access.

Both the companies will work together to accelerate IEEE’s 802.11ay, using the Nokia’s Wireless PON innovation and Terragraph’s efficient TDMA scheduling capabilities. The ultimate goal here is to create a strong platform and ecosystem for the 60GHz Terragraph-certified solutions to the marketplace and deliver gigabit services.

Nokia last year launched the Wireless PON (WPON) solution and is further expanding its fiber-to-the-most-economical-point toolkit. The Nokia’s Wireless PON is based on 802.11ad WiGig technology and provides a wireless drop for fiber-to-the-home networks. The use of WPON can bring fiber into every home; broadband providers can reduce up-front investment cost and deploy faster.

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia Fixed Networks, said:

It is definitely exciting when two companies like Nokia and Facebook join their innovation strength to bring new technologies to market. Fixed-wireless access is gaining ground and perfectly complements our multi-technology mix to bring gigabit broadband to more people, sooner.

Yael Maguire, VP of Connectivity, Facebook, said:

Terragraph is designed to help providers deploy fast and reliable connectivity for people in urban areas. Our partnership with Nokia will help advance Terragraph by building a robust, open ecosystem of interoperable commercial solutions based on 60GHz technologies.