Samsung launches world’s first Air Conditioner with wind-free cooling technology in India

Samsung Wind-Free-AC

Samsung  has launched the world’s first air conditioner and System Air Conditioner with wind-free cooling technology launched in India. It provides a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow. It is the world’s first Air Conditioner to pack 8 Pole series and Anti-corrosion Durafin condenser.

Samsung says that it is designed especially for India’s harsh climatic conditions. It is customizable with 1 way Cassette, 4-way cassette & mini 4-way cassette as per the requirement. The new lineup provides ambient condition by maintaining comfortable room temperature using Samsung’s exclusive Wind-Free cooling technology to gently spread cold air through 9,000 to 21,000 micro air holes.

Samsung Wind-Free-AC

The inbuilt two-step cooling system first lowers temperatures in ‘Fast Cooling Mode’ and then automatically switches to ‘Wind-Free Cooling Mode’, creating ‘still air’ once the desired temperature is achieved. There is an advantage with this approach as it also reduces energy consumption by up to 72% compared to fast Cooling mode. Thanks to the upgraded structure’s wider inlet, it allows for more air to be drawn in at once.

The Samsung Wind Free Room AC range is available at all leading retail stores starting at Rs. 50,950 and goes up to Rs 74,260. Samsung is showcasing the new-range of AC at ACREX 2018 at BIEC, Bengaluru.

Commenting on the launch, Vipin Agrawal, Director, System Air Conditioning Business, Samsung India said:

In the air conditioning segment, direct cold air dispersion and skyrocketing electricity bills are two problems that today’s customers are weary of the most. The world’s first Wind-Free™ Room Air Conditioner & Systems Air Conditioner from Samsung addresses both of these issues together, providing unparalleled cooling comfort while guaranteeing optimum energy efficiency. Customer-centric innovation lies at the core of our brand promise and this product pivots around this very approach. The new technology is specially designed to cater to Indian consumer’s specific needs and preferences, given the severe climatic conditions here.