Motorola patent files hint at borderless flexible OLED screen

Motorola files patents for a borderless flexible OLED screen indicating its keen interest in entering bezel-less smartphone market that is capable of folding and unfolding the form-factor. The company has filed patents in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and are published on February 8.


From the patent sketches, it is quite clear that Motorola is aiming to design a phone that is truly bezel-less. The design compares a normal phone display with regular bezels and a Motorola phone with border-less flexible OLED screen. Furthermore, the patent sketches show the pixel makeup of a border-less display with an active matrix, in this particular case, it is comprised of two active groupings of pixels that are individually operated and separated by the light grouping of pixels in the middle, where the display could be folded.


Furthermore, you can also see the drawing of what it might look when it is implemented on an actual smartphone design. Motorola’s patent design might be applicable to both non-foldable makeup and a foldable smartphone. One of which could possibly result in a device that when folded acts a smartphone and when unfolded dupes as a large display tablet surface. Since it is a patent that got its approval recently, there’s no way to tell if such a device with these features would ever see light in the day.

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