Instagram testing new feature that lets you share others’ posts to your story

Instagram new logo

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that lets you re-share public feed posts of whom you follow directly to your story. This feature will let you add commentary and overlaid stickers to a meme, celebrity post or even a friend’s photo according to TechCrunch.

Instagram Resharing

If you are concerned about your Privacy, you can still go to your Settings to turn off the ability for others to reshare their posts. Even if you don’t have the reshare option, you will still see the privacy setting now. We earlier reported that Instagram is also said to be testing re-gram button which lets you share news feed posts directly to the news feed. However, this never made it, at least for now.


When the post is added to your Story, you get options for how you want it to appear. You can resize it, rotate it, move it around, and also choose from couple of designs.

Since the resharing is currently in testing with a small percentage of users, it might be a while before it rolls out. Using the resharing you can move, resize, and rotate the reposts which can be formatted two different ways. instagram recently got the Text-only stories ‘type-mode’ stories and Gify powered Gif stickers.