Google’s Project Fi now offers Unlimited Data for $80 with Bill Protection

Project Fi Bill Protection

Google has introduced a flexible unlimited data plan dubbed ‘Bill Protection’ on Project Fi making it heavy data user-friendly. Before the new plan, Project Fi charged $10 per GB no matter how much data the user consumes. Technically, the new plan caps the data speed to 256kbps once the user crosses the data limit threshold but still offers data connectivity. 

Super heavy data-users can use up to 15GB of data in a month without facing any throttling issues, and once the user crosses the 15GB mark, the speed will be capped at 256kbps until the next cycle. While all the other members of the group plan will get full data speeds until they each use their 15 GB of data. If a user wishes to have high-speed data post the 15GB usage, they can still get additional data by purchasing 1GB data at $10.


It should be noted that Project Fi ‘Bill Protection’ kicks in at different usage points, depending on the size of your group. Another advantage of the Bill Protection feature is that you only pay for the data you used. Suppose, you only use 1.4 GB of data in the month’s cycle, you’ll need to pay just $34 instead of $80.

The new feature applies to all Project Fi goodies including high-speed data in 135+ countries, and data-only SIM cards to use on your laptop, tablet. The bill protection is being rolled out from today and should appear on the next billing cycle.