A little review of HTC Merge

Our friends over at Android Central managed to get their hands on the HTC Merge, which is an upcoming smartphone and will be available on Verizon Wireless in few months. Android Central spent a long time with the HTC Merge, and they are saying that there is a lot of potential in the HTC Merge. I personally like HTC, and HTC really make some good phones, and there are a lot of examples out there. HTC Merge is going to be the first (or may be second?) global phone on Verizon, and may be HTC Merge will come with LTE, but it’s not confirm at the moment. Android Central also benchmarked the HTC Merge, and the Merge is showing some awesome results which is blowing Nexus One out of the water. Head over to Android Central to read the full review, and watch the Benchmark video after the break: