White iPhone 4 hitting Rogers?

Oh what we have here. In the leaked screenshot above, you can see that a White iPhone 4 is headed to Canadian carrier Rogers. As Apple said that manufacturing a white iPhone 4 is a challenge for them. So that’s why they delayed it, but I think the time is about to come when Apple

will officially unveiled it. The 16GB White iPhone 4 will go for CAD$359 and 32GB CAD$469. Apple said that they will bring it later this year, so we are in the last quarter of 2010, so we can expect a white iPhone 4 anytime now. May be Apple will fix the reception issue in the white iPhone 4 which is currently one of the hottest issues in the iPhone 4, may be that’s why it’s hard for Apple. So folks who is looking forward to a white iPhone 4?

via MobileSyrup