Google rolls out more accurate Pixel battery life estimates with personalised on-device model

Google Pixel 2

Google’s Product Manager, Michelle today has announced that the company has started rolling out more accurate battery life estimates which some of the users have started noticing in the past few days. This wasn’t the case earlier where it used to show simple (mostly inaccurate) battery estimates.

If you’ve been using about 10% of your battery every hour the past few hours, your Android phone will estimate you’d be using it the same manner and predict estimates which often turn on inaccurate. However, this changes as the company is now is using an on-device model that evaluates how you use your phone’s battery over time.

Google Pixel personalized battery estimate

Your phone now observes the way you use your phone and at your battery usage on similar days and times and uses the same to predict your battery life in a personalized way. These predictions can be viewed from your phone Under the “Battery” section which will show how much battery is left and how long will it last. To get a more accurate view, you can tap the battery icon and see a graph that corresponds to your typical behavior.

This feature will be limited to Pixel phones, both first and second generation.