Android Messages v2.7 brings money transfer, Duo video calling, new message indicators and more


Google Android messages app has updated from V2.5 to V2.7 with a bunch of features and additions. The new app version brings features like Money transfer, Duo video calling, new messages indicator and more. 

The money transfer feature is being made available in the V2.7 for some at least for now. Tapping the ‘+’ icon in the message app brings up attachments section which is common to everyone who has updated and scrolling down a little to see a row with two buttons: Send money and Request money. The app will ask you prompt you to select the Google account the first time when you’re using the app.

Once you have selected, it will then ask you to enter the amount that needs to be transferred. Both the sender and the receiver gets a notification with the link to accept the money and the recipient should also see a pending request in their Google Wallet app if they have it installed. This feature isn’t live to everyone, so it might take some time for it to reach.

Google Android Messages

The messaging app conversation screen shows calling icon if your contact has registered with Duo and you can instantly start video calling, there is no confirmation prompt or warning after you hit the call icon. Again, this isn’t available for everyone just yet, so might be rolling out soon. Google is preparing count of the new messages when you open a conversation, instead of just showing you a series of short text messages.

Google is also working on differentiating Dual SIMs while sending text messages and RCS support for dual-SIM phones. You can either wait for Google to push the update to you via the Play Store or just download the APK from here and instantly update the existing app.