Uber updated with live location sharing, in-app gifting and more

Uber live location sharing, beacon, gifting

Uber has pushed a bunch of features to its app that will help riders enhance their riding experience Just in time for holidays. The company has rolled out live location sharing feature, beacon expansion, request for a guest and more feature in the latest update.

When you are in a mall or a crowded area, finding the rider might be hard on the Uber drivers, addressing the way rider and driver connect to each other, Uber has introduced Live location sharing feature.  It will let the driver know where exactly you are for easy pickup spot. To turn on the live location sharing, you need to tap the grey icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and when you’re screen turns blue, it means that the live location is turned on. You can enable or disable it anytime.

Beacon expansion will help you spot our Uber ride as quickly as possible. While the live location helps the Uber driver to find you quickly, the beacon can help you spot the car. It is a device that goes on a driver’s windshield to help drivers and riders more quickly connect at night and in crowded areas. Users can select any color that goes on the driver’s windshield. This feature is initially available only in NYC, SF, and Chicago.

Request for a guest feature lets you book an Uber ride for your cousin or relative in case they don’t have a smartphone or have an account with Uber. Once you book the ride, major details like the ETA, car type and the driver’s contact info will be shared with the guest. In-App gifting, lets you quickly send Uber credits to a friend or family member from your Uber app to theirs using the “Send a Gift.”  You can select the recipient and can also attach a personalized message.

All the features are now rolling to Uber app only in the U.S. and are available for both Android and iOS.