Google Assistant can now broadcast messages through your Google Home speakers

Google Home Mini

Last month Google announced that it will roll out broadcast messages capabilities to Google Assistant, it is finally rolling out the feature today. With the latest update that is rolling out, Google will let you use your home device to broadcast messages throughout your home.

You can send your broadcast message from any Assistant enabled devices, be it your phone or Home Voice-speaker and it will be broadcasted to all the Assistant enabled speakers in your house. You can just say ‘Ok Google’ followed by the message that you wish to broadcast. Specific commands like waking up, dinnertime or settling down for bed, dinner time and a dinner bell will ring on all your Google Homes once broadcasted.

Basically, one Google Assistant either on your phone or home speaker will work as an intercom for all your Assistant enabled home speakers eliminating the need for you to call physically. You don’t have to be home to broadcast, and it even works with mobile data as well.

The broadcasting feature starts rolling out today to the Assistant on phones and It will work on speakers with the language set to the English language in the U.S., Australia, Canada and the U.K., with more languages coming soon.