Google Assistant now supports Italian and Spanish, update rolling in the coming weeks

google assistant

Google has announced that assistant support for Italian and Spanish will be rolled out in the coming weeks just as it had promised at the I/O 2017 event. Google said that Spanish both in Latin America and Spain would be available.

Google assistant is already available in multiple languages around the world and is just one hot-key away from answering your queries. Two months ago, in August, Google had rolled out Assistant in Brazil with Brazilian-Portuguese. A Notification would arrive for all the supported devices with the Assistant now supporting.

Spanish and Italian will now join English in Australia, Canada, U.S., and U.K.; Portuguese in Brazil; French in Canada and France; German in Germany; Japanese in Japan; and Korean in Korea in the list of language that Assistant supports.

Google says that the rolling out will commence in the coming weeks and will be automatically available on eligible Android phones running Android 6.0 or higher with Google Play Services. Google assistant in Italian and Spanish for iPhone will be available before the end of the year.

Commenting on the same, Google said,

Our goal is for the Assistant to be available to help you get things done, no matter what language you speak, what device you’re using or what question you’re asking. Today’s update is another step in that direction.