Snapchat for iOS updated with link sharing, Ghost Mode and more


Snapchat after introducing Contextual Cards in the last update has rolled out yet another update for iOS today which brings features like link sharing and Ghost Mode in Snap Map. The link sharing feature will allow other apps to share links to Snapchat via the iOS share sheet. And, now you can hide in “Ghost Mode” for 3 or 24 hours instead of turning live location sharing on or off.

The update brings new most important features that will surely enhance the user experience and the link sharing feature could make Snapchat into a legitimate source of referral traffic for news and e-commerce sites. You can share the links via a private message to one or several people.Android had the link sharing feature for some time now, and the company says that Android users will get the Ghost Mode timer today or tomorrow.

Snapchat is also making it easier to check people’s Stories by letting you tap and hold on their name anywhere in the app. On the other hand, the Ghost mode is helpful when a user just wants to turn off the location for some time, so they don’t forget and leave it off permanently. This is an important update considering Snapchat already hides Snap Map already behind the camera, for some users who might be new to Snapchat might not even know about it.

The update with these two new features is now rolling out to Snapchat for iOS, and you download or update it via the AppStore.