HTC HD7 revealed, a lot of images to make you happy !

Today is an exciting day for all folks who want to see HTC HD7, because a lot of images of it are leaked today. First of all, the folks over WMPUser got their hands on a sketch of HTC HD7, which proves that the handset is real and is on its way. Then WMPUser come up with another photo and some information on specification of the phone. They spotted the specs details on a German site, and they are saying that the device comes with a huge 4.3 inch WVGA screen with 16 million colors, runs on a standard 1Ghz Snapdragon processor,  5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and HD video recording, and 8 GB storage, that’s all they know. 8GB storage is a little less, but don’t worry, there’s a microSD slot, so you can upgrade to your desirable memory. And now, lets talk about some real thing. After the break, you will see some first real shots of the HTC HD7. Actually, the codename of the phone is HD3 (you can see at the back), but it will be known as HTC HD7 because of the Windows Phone 7. Also we can see a kickstand right around the camera, which looks really sexy. The only thing which is deal breaker in it is 8GB storage, but folks listen, you have a microSD slot, so you can use a 32GB card too. I hope HTC will ship a microSD card with it. By the way folks, this is the best HTC HD series mobile yet, isn’t it?