OnePlus 3T prices compared across the world


OnePlus just introduced the 3T, successor to the flagship OnePlus 3 smartphone in several countries. It will go on sale in the US, Canada and Europe later this month, but the company did not announce the price or launch date for India yet. We’ve compiled a list of prices of the smartphone in various regions around the world and also managed to convert them to Indian Rupees (INR).

Country/Region Currency Price  India (INR) (approx.)
USA USD 439  29,777
Europe EUR 439  31,906
UK GBP 399 33,678
Hong Kong HKD 3,388 29,626
Canada CAD 599 30,170
Sweden SEK 4,295 31,700
Denmark DKK 3,299 32,220

1 USD = 67.83 INR, 1 EUR = 72.68 INR, 1 GBP = 84.40 NR, 1 HKD = 8.74 INR, 1 CAD = 50.36 INR, 1 SEK = 7.38 INR, 1 DKK = 9.76 INR

The OnePlus 3T will go on sale in the U.S. and Canada from November 22nd, in Europe from November 28th and few other countries from November 28th through It launched the OnePlus 3 in over 30 counties in North America, Europe and Asia soon after the launch, this time it is launching the OnePlus 3T only in a few countries in the beginning, that too only a week after the announcement.

It is expected to launch in India soon. How much do you think will the OnePlus 3T cost in India?

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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