V-Moda launches In-ear headphones with ‘World’s first 3D printed’ Gold and Platinum metal buds


V-Moda has unveiled three new in-ear style headphones in Forza series dubbed the Forza, Forza Metallo, and Forza Metallo Wireless. The highlight of these headphones is that it features “world’s first jewel-grade 3D printing customization of in-ears.”

These Forza headphones are customizable via 3D Printed custom caps similar to over-the-ear headphones custom plates by the company, which in this case means that the interchangeable in-ear caps can be of your fit and you can even choose the type of material that you want for these – e.g. like real Gold or Platinum. The first set of collection of 3D caps features the Milanese designs Steam Punk, V-MODA Logo, Lion Head and more to come. The cap materials and pricing include platinum (starting down from $7,500), 14k gold (starting down from $2,500), gold-plated (starting down from $250) and the newly developed and affordable HD Acrylic for $40 ($20 when bought with the headphones).

“In June 2015 we merged, for the first time in consumer electronics’ history, mass customization with jewel-grade 3D printing,” says Kolton. “Now we’re bringing additive manufacturing to in-ear headphones with our first collection of 3D printed custom caps.  Not only can you remix your design, but you can optimize the design with an enhanced tailored fit.”

The entry level Forza in-ear headphones are priced at $100. It comes in Black, White and Orange for Apple devices and Black, White and Orange for Android devices. The Forza Metallo is available in Gunmetal Black and Rose Gold for Apple devices, and Gunmetal Black and Rose Gold for Android devices for $130. The Froza Metallo Wireless will be available in December 2016 in Gunmetal Black and White Silver for $170. These can be bought from V-MODA.com and authorized resellers, but the 3D printing customization is exclusively available through official website.

Author: Hitesh Arora

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