T-Mobile cuts the Garminfone price, now available for $129

T-Mobile recently added a new phone in their phones line, and the phone is know as Garmin-Asus made Garminfone. The Garminfone is a mid-end Android phone, and it’s biggest feature is the GPS. Garmin is a very famous company that makes awesome GPS devices, I also have one and I agree that it’s the best. The Garminfone is T-Mobile and Garmin-Asus’s latest product, which is good but it fails, why?  Because of the huge price tag for a medium device. T-Mobile was offering the Garminfone for $200, why would I pay $200 for a mid-end phone if I can get a better phone like EVO 4G in this price, and when T-Mobile saw that the phone sales are not going good, then they realize that the price tag is huge. So T-Mobile finally cut down the price, and now you can buy the Garminfone for just $129. Now that’s a good price for a good GPS and phone.