Motorola Milestone hits Korea as Motorola QRTY

One of Motorola’s most successful devices is the one and only Motorola Milestone, also known as Motorola Droid in USA. The Motorola Droid is the reason Motorola is still alive. And now the Motorola Milestone is making it’s way to Korea as Motorola QRTY via SK Telecom, and for the ease of the Korean people, the hardware keyboard also comes with Korean characters on it. The Motorola QRTY doesn’t comes with Froyo aka Android 2.2 in it like the Nexus One.But you can expect the OS update to 2.2 soon, because Motorola promised to launch the 2.2 for Droid this Summer.

You can check out the features of Motorola Milestone over here.

[via Phandroid]