Why the Honor 5C is an acoustic champion

Honor 5C_fonearena-09

With the rise in popularity of touchscreens, the visual element of smartphones took the centre stage and most of the other aspects were ignored or given less of a priority by manufacturers. This is true especially for the acoustic side of things which has been ignored by many.

It isn’t until you try a smartphone that has been designed with acoustics in mind that you notice just how important and pivotal it can be to enhancing your smartphone user experience.

But what exactly do you look for in a smartphone in terms of acoustic experience and which smartphone takes the cake in the mid range segment when it comes to that experience.

Well, the answer is the Honor 5C. The Honor 5C focuses on several aspects of sound that many people may take for granted but actually elevates the user experience.

For starters, Huawei has improved the amount of sound outputted by the earpiece by up to 30% which means that no matter whether you are at home or on the go, in a quiet room or a busy street, the party at the other end will be perfectly audible to you. However, outright volume levels alone don’t help and that’s why the clarity really matters. Luckily, the Honor 5C has good quality regardless of the volume levels you choose.

This is especially true when you listen to music on the smartphone through a pair of earphones or headphones. The sound barely gets distorted and there is minimal stereo crosstalk as well. Honor 5C smartphone is capable of very high levels of volume so do be sure to listen at comfortable levels of volume whenever possible.

There is an SWS audio enhancement feature that helps users get a wider field of sound which can really be helpful to get the best out of your music collection. It is also really important that your own vocals and speech are audible to the party at the other end. Thanks to the secondary noise cancelling microphone on the Honor 5C, your speech gets relayed to the other side with minimal distortion, noise and disturbance from the outside world.

Overall, the Honor 5C just goes to prove that by paying special attention to the sound quality of a smartphone, the end-user experience really gets elevated and it adds value to the other aspects of a smartphone as well.