How the Honor 5C sets a benchmark for the mid range camera smartphones


The Honor 5C features a 13 Megapixel camera at the back with an LED flash. Just like in the case of processors and batteries, users must come to understand the fact that simply having a larger sensor, pixel count, larger pixels or a larger aperture, doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better image quality. A combination of those factors or even one of those factors will help improve the quality but it has to be done right and a lot of it depends on the processing of the images itself.

This means that just like the hardware is important on a phone, the software also plays an important role in deciding the image quality. Only a few have been able to master this as Honor has done with the 5C. The Honor 5C features good camera hardware. 13 Megapixels offers plenty of detailing and the f/2.0 aperture lens does a great job at producing bright images too. However, the processing of the images and the kind of calculations performed by the phone especially in deciding the exposure, white balance and more make it what it is.

honor_5c_camera (3) honor_5c_camera (16)

The Camera UI too is quite easy to use and intuitive. It relies on a series of gestures to access the various settings and modes which also helps to save time. Users can also access the camera app by simply double pressing the volume down button and launching the camera app even when the phone is locked. Additionally, the phone can also quickly capture a photo automatically once the camera app has been launched. Then, either the on-screen shutter button or volume rocker can be used to take a picture. However, users can even use the Fingerprint sensor itself to take photos and that is extremely useful especially when taking selfies since it minimizes the phone shake as opposed to clicking the screen or volume button.

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There is a fully manual mode wherein you can adjust the shutter speed, white balance, focus and much more. These are things that you would find on a DSLR or a similarly high level camera. These can really help “protogs” get the shot they are looking for. Additionally, there are dedicated modes that will aid users to get the desired shot without having to tinker around manually with the settings. What is really innovative is the light painting mode which does a wonderful job especially in capturing water in motion. The phone stacks up the different layers of photos and gives you an effect that could only be replicated if you have an ND filter on your DSLR and lens.

honor_5c_camera (6) honor_5c_camera (13)

With the Honor 5C most definitely would be more than confident to take it out on a photo walk and coming back home with a bunch of impressive images and that’s not something that most smartphones in the same segment cannot claim to he capable of achieving. It just shows how good camera phones have become and how Honor is pushing camera technology onto the next level with their technical know how.