iPhone 7 Plus component leak shows dual camera lens and hint at 256GB storage

iphone 7 plus component leak

Earlier today we saw images of iPhone 7 case leak and now components of the iPhone 7 Plus have surfaced that shows dual camera module.

Previous reports had said that iPhone 7 Plus could feature dual cameras and will have an optical zoom built into the lens. Now a set of component leak images has surfaced on Weibo that shows dual camera modules i.e. two separate lenses and two flex cables with dedicated connectors. The iPhone 7 Plus is expected to pack dual 12 Megapixel sensors. One of them will have OIS and a wider field of view like the regular lenses on smartphones while the other will have a 2-3X optical zoom lens. We are not sure if the iPhone 7 will also have optical zoom or not.

iphone 7 plus component leak-1

The leaked photos also show a 16GB NAND chip, which hints that Apple will continue to offer the base iPhone with 16GB of storage space. Besides the dual camera modules, the images even show 16GB, 64GB, and 256GB chips. If the images are legit, this will be the first time Apple will go for a higher storage variant with the iPhone 7 lineup. This could also mean that Apple could replace the 128GB model with the new 256GB model.



Author: Sneha Bokil

Sneha Bokil is a tech enthusiast and is currently using OnePlus 3T but she still treasures her Nokia N70 (M). You can follow her on Twitter @snehabokil and on Google+