Samsung Pixon – 8MP & Touch – Lethal!

Touch phones are becoming the order of the day.

When until a few months ago, the touch technology was touted as the ‘next best thing’ with HTC leading the way, other Mobile manufacturers are following the trend with enhanced capabilities to make these handsets a “must want” on several lists.

After the high profile launch of the Samsung Omnia in India a few days ago, Samsung Pixon has now been launched officially. Although there is no word on the official India launch yet, one can be sure it will make its way to us, “the fastest growing Mobile market of the world.”

An 8 megapixel camera and the FULL touch technology on the World’s Slimmest handset are the first claims to fame. Others include:

3.2-inch WQVGA touch screen display

x16 digital zoom, auto-focus, fast-shutter, face detection


Internal GPS

Media player with DNSe

FM radio

Bluetooth with A2DP

microSD card

The handset has a dedicated website called – The Photographic Adventures of Nick Turpin.

“Now everyone will be able to ‘get their pics on’ so much more quickly and easily. For the first time you will have a camera on your phone capable of delivering the quality of image of a regular camera. The big benefit is not just the ease with which people will now be able to capture and share camera-phone shots, but the quality of those shots when taken,” said Geesung Choi, President of the Samsung Telecommunications Business.


France in mid-October and in most European and Asian countries after that.

No word on the price yet.