Chat On Mobiles with Facebook Support

Hi guys,

I’m happy to announce ebuddy just pushed the button; now have a brand new version now available! Want to have a look? No need to wait a single minute, simply open your mobile browser, go to and off you go! The most important new features we’ve added are:

More networks D
As of today, you can chat on Facebook and ICQ from our Mobile Messenger


Sending pictures
Want to share the cool stuff you do with your friends? Take your mobile, launch eBuddy and snap a picture using the camera in your phone. Just open a chat, click on Menu and choose Send Picture and you’re all set!

send picture

Send SMS
Want to reach a friend that’s not online? You no longer have to leave eBuddy, you can simply send an SMS direct from your contact list. Click on any offline contact and choose Send SMS.

Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks