iPad will play Flickr Videos in HD in Fullscreen using HTML5 , Who needs Flash ?

One of the major features missing on the Apple iPad is Adobe Flash support .  Apple and Adobe have never reached a successful pact on bringing Flash to the iPhone for 3 years now although talks have been going on. The best thing to happen was Flash runtime support for iPhone apps. Now this issue resurfaces on the iPad. But Apple has been a great believer in HTML5 the new upcoming standard for Web Pages and believes HTML5 can eventually replace Flash.Flickr just posted an announcement that videos hosted on the Flickr site can be played on the iPad in HQ Quality and be viewed in Fullscreen.

If you’re visiting Flickr from an iPad, you’ll automatically use the built-in HTML video player to watch any video including HD! And of course, you’ll be able to really enjoy videos in full screen mode on the iPad!

Do you think lack of Flash support on the iPad is a deal breaker ?

Author: Varun Krish

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