Google develops medical grade health tracking wearable to be used in clinical trials


Google X Health Wearable

Google X, the not-so-secret lab behind the company’s esoteric technological experiments, has developed a brand new fitness wearable. News has emerged that the life sciences division at Google is developing a highly advanced medical grade fitness tracker that will be intended for use in clinical trials and for medical patients.

Bloomberg reports that Google’s health tracking wristband will be used exclusively for drug tests, clinical trials and long terms data tracking by doctors and physicians. Unlike consumer grade wearables, Google’s fitness wearable tracks information on a minute by minute basis and provides rich health data to researchers. Currently the device can measure a patient’s pulse, heart rhythm, skin temperature as well variables like noise levels and light exposure.

The experimental device, developed within the company’s Google X research division, can measure pulse, heart rhythm and skin temperature, and also environmental information like light exposure and noise levels. It won’t be marketed as a consumer device, said Andy Conrad, head of the life sciences team at Google.

Google plans to begin medical trials over the summer and will collaborate with drugmakers, academic researchers to test accuracy. The company will also be seeking regulatory clearance in the US and Europe post which it will look for a manufacturing partner.

[Via – Bloomberg]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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