Skyfire gets funding Opera and iPhone get some competition

All of you might know about Opera Mobile and Opera Mini which is one the most popular mobile browsers. Apple iPhone with its Safari browser is the best mobile browser I have ever come accross

We have covered a lot about mobile browsers in the past even about Skyfire

The cool thing about SkyFire is that it address the short comings of other mobile browsers like the WebKit based ones – Symbian S60, iPhone and Opera, Mobile IE etc.

The biggest problem with mobile browsing is the inability to match the look and content order with the PC.

Most mobile users complain of having to scroll too much or are not satisfied with finding stuff on a small screen.

iPhone addresses this problem very well. The page shown on the iPhone resembles the one on the PC

But Steve Jobs does not want to put Adobe Flash on his Apple iPhone – that is battle which has been going on for quite some time. We might eventually see flash on the iPhone soon as Adobe has claimed to be working on the iPhone version.

Skyfire is a Mountain View , California based Startup which is in a Private Beta. They have just got a huge round of cash from VCs.

They promise to show you pages on your mobile screen the same way it appears on a PC.

They also support flash unlike iPhone .. So you can watch any video streaming on your phone.

Skyfire supports embedded Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media and more. With each new release we are expanding the pool of video applications that Skyfire supports.

Sadly , SkyFire works only on the Windows Mobile Platform currently . A Symbian version is the works.

And its Free atleast for now .. So Folks ! are you giving it a try ? Sign up for a beta

via [GigaOM]

Author: Varun Krish

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