The next iPhone to have HD Video Recording?

Looks like Apple is finally paying attention to the user requests. According to Various sources, the next iPhone will support HD Video Recording.

We all know that all the iPhones released till now (iPhone 1G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS) lacked a good camera in terms of Image and Video Quality. However with Pegatron on board to make the new iPhone and all the speculations happening around a particular file called MediaValidator.plist file in iPhone 3.2 SDK possessing some intriguing stats about resolution of videos being 1280×720 which in laymen terms is 720p video recording, it might just come true.

Rumours Aside, if the new iPhone does come with HD Video Recording, it could be a huge addition to the “Jesus” Phone. Isn’t it?

What do you say? Do you think Apple will finally budge and release an iPhone with HD Video Support? Pass on your views below.


Author: Vikas SN

A Complete Mobile freak. Regularly Blogs about Mobiles at and Tweets as @tsuvik