MediaTek Labs: New initiative by chip maker that focuses on the Internet of Things


How many of you have wanted to control your room’s lights via your non-IR enabled smartphones? I bet pretty much all of you have had that thought at one point. That, and a lot is now possible thanks to affordable and versatile development boards such as the Arduino.

This concept of having your devices, smart or not, connected to one another is known as the Internet of Things. You’re using the ‘Internet of Human’ so to speak to read this article; you get the idea.

Taiwan’s MediaTek is looking to make it big with the Internet of Things (IoT). For that, it has come up with this new initiative called MediaTek Labs, wherein the company will encourage new ideas and thoughts from anyone interested, without having any criteria whatsoever.

The company had already launched a lightweight mobile SoC called the Aster, which first featured on the Omate X Smartwatch late last month. With this new initiative, MediaTek is looking to get on to the arms, and inside the homes of a lot more people than it already does.

The company’s track record also suggests that whatever be the outcome of this new idea, it will be accessible to one and all thanks to the competitive pricing it manages.


Author: Yash Garg

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