Will Windows Mobile 7 be delayed to 2011?

It seems like Windows Mobile 7 is further being delayed and will not be launched in the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2010 as anticipated.

According to some sources, the representatives from Microsoft, Lenovo, Qualcomm, TI, Nokia, nVidia and HTC have supposedly confirmed that Windows Mobile 7 will not see the light of the day till the next edition of Mobile World Congress i.e. Mobile World Congress 2011.

This “postponement” already has several implications, such as some dedicated Windows Mobile 7 cellphones and smartbooks are now being shifted to Android or even Chrome OS.

However, Neowin.net reported yesterday that Windows Mobile 7 is no ways being delayed to 2011 and instead will be on showcase in the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2010. It goes on to state that, it spoke to the representatives from LG at the recently concluded CES 2010, who confirmed that they would be shipping devices with Windows Mobile 7 this year.

So I guess we all have to wait and watch for Mobile World Congress 2010 to unfold, for the truth to come out. What do you say?

What do you think?  Will Windows Mobile 7 will be postponed to 2011 or Will it still make a 2010 release? Do tell us know via comments below.

Author: Vikas SN

A Complete Mobile freak. Regularly Blogs about Mobiles at Techknots.com and Tweets as @tsuvik