CyanogenMod Inc. rolls out CM Home, a Google Now rival

Google Now is one hell of a useful tool if you’re as dependent on your smartphone as me. The context sensitive service provides you with relevant information on the go, be it traffic info, weather, or even sport. It does this by grabbing data from your profile that Google stores bit by bit (you’d be surprised to know what all Google knows about you).

cm home

This seems to have irked folks at CyanogenMod Inc., who’ve now built a rival to the app which they’re aptly calling ‘CM Home’. The service is available in recent builds of CyanogenMod 11, so if you want to give it a shot, check if your phone has a CM ROM already. The service uses the same Card UI like its inspiration, and is triggered in a similar manner as well – swipe to the leftmost screen or up from the bottom, like you would do for Google Now. Just make sure you’re running a recent CM11 ROM.

Curios, I checked if it was available for my CM11S OnePlus One, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. So if you do have a device that supports this feature, be sure to let us know.


Author: Yash Garg

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