Google now selling Nest Thermostat through Google Play Store in US and UK

Google recently acquired Nest for $3.2 billion dollars and has hinted that Nest will be the core hardware team for Google. Google is now selling Nest Thermostat via its Google Play Store. Nest Thermostat is currently available via Amazon, and Lowes. Also, Nest Thermostat becomes the first product to be available in both Apple and Google’s retail site.


The Nest Thermostat, as the name suggests, is a smart thermostat that automatically sets the temperature of the house. It connects to the home WiFi network and automatically uploads your usage patterns. As it has gathered enough data, it automatically starts to change the house temperature according to your needs. There is also an Android/iOS app that you lets you control the temperature of your house from anywhere.

The product is available for $249 and with its automatic temperature changes, it will help you save electricity. The possibility of the device coming to India is not bright at the moment, but still we hope to see this in India in the coming years.

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Author: Monish Kumar

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