iPhone is the Worst Phone in the world


Back in November CNET UK had posted a great article about how the iPhone is the Worst Phone in the world.  Now when Apple sues Nokia as if Apple invented the Mobile Industry, we can’t stop complaining about the iPhone.We love the iPhone for the Apps , the UI and also Stylish design.

But when it comes to the most basic feature you expect in a phone is a Phone or Telephony. The iPhone disappoints  !

Even a low-end Nokia or Samsung or Motorola has better In Call Voice Quality.

If you want to experience the greatness of the App Store . Grab a iPod Touch . Its cheaper, sexier and does not radiate !


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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks

  • Wish india had good wifi network… N iPod touch would hv sense

  • apaul

    lol true, but Nokia shoudnt have sued in the first place…..

    Apple have been developers since Nokia or even the other companies did’nt even exist. They have created cores, developed and invented almost everything on which others built their own products. Apple have developed computing, signalling, processing and almost everything which makes most of the technologies available today.

    Foolish move by Nokia, it will result in nothing, but loss of their own credibility!! Their move only let Apple get the better ground…..but yes call quality in other phones is quite better than iPhone

    Word to Nokia is that they should stop suing…lol…and start making devices which would take away peoples attention from the iPhone…

    Nokia are you hearing…???? I’m still waiting…… 🙂

  • Nidz

    sad but true !!

  • ragu

    iphone is stylish! COMEON don’t be joking around just because its cheap,and it has a great fan club doesn’t make it a great phone.It was never a great phone from the start though it has a lot of apps.Whatever!

  • Mayur

    Common, its a third generation…..
    It cant be worst…

  • Gaurav

    Dude its apple who is suing not nokia.