No other phone comes close to Nokia N900 in the Browsing department , Speed Test Video inside

The Nokia N900 may be seen as an internet tablet with phone capabilities. The N900 has got the best browser on a mobile phone and we are not kidding. We used the N900 alongside the iPhone ,  OmniaHD  , a Blackberry and an Android device and our conclusion was that No Other phone can come close to N900 in the Browsing Department. All websites load and appear the same way it does on a desktop  including banking sites and airline sites  which are the most problematic.The screen is very responsive and there is kinetic scrolling, zooming. Javascript including AJAX,Flash work pretty well


Watch the video below which shows the N900 Browser being subjected to a speed test over Wi-Fi and 3G

Youtube works fine and we could even connect the phone to a TV and enjoy Youtube on the big screen.

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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks

  • Akash Gyawali

    Because n900 web browser have full adobe 9.4 flash player

  • apaul

    hahahaha very funny heading….. 🙂

  • Hi this is Sony, I am also from India. I think N900 not yet released in India, How do u got it?

    Tell us, I am also eagerly waiting for it. If it is possible tell me how can i purchase in India.

  • prabagar

    hi hello ,
    Absolutely u r rite!even i tested ma nokiaE51 with IPHONE! e51 won in internet speed. moreover i think iphone damn waste :p. Cox looks arrogant 2.touch screen 3.bluetooth transfer only b/w iphones 4.lastly many other phones come cheaper than iphone but more active(in features,internet, etc. . )5.craziness of d name iphone that makes many to buy d worthless phone

  • Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android is faster, and provides real WVGA medium density browsing experience, meaning much more is displayed on the 2x larger screen.

    • We are talking about phones here and does the Archos Tablet have phone capability ?

  • abhi

    It is being said that the upcoming Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X3 is having the best internet browser till date and is going to rule the world of internet browsing.

  • hassan

    when is this coming to india?