Download Aardvark Mobile iPhone App for Free, Uses Push Notifications

We just heard from the folks at Aardvark that they have launched their mobile iPhone app and its available for free on the App Store. Whats Aardvark  ? Its a cool IM based Social Search application where users share their expertise for free. You can  either Ask or Answer questions from your friends or other users. This used to work over Chat but now they have extended their offerings with a cool iPhone app which brings almost all the features of Aardvark to your iPhone / iPod.


I just asked a question on my iPod about the N900 shipping date.


The app says it will alert you via PUSH notification if it finds an answer. I quit the app and go back to the homescreen.

Within 2 mins I get an notification that Sven has answered my question already. I click on View and it opens the app and shows the answer from Sven below my question.


Hit the [iTunes link] to download on your PC or you can search for Aardvark on the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch running 3.0 software as this app is tailor made for the 3.0+  iPhone OS

And if you shake your phone the app looks for a new question you can answer. So if you consider yourself an expert in any topic . Do share your knowledge on Aardvark (which happens to also be the name of a African mammal.) As a bonus the app has a shake feature which looks for a new question you can answer

The app is really worth a download and you might need an account to get started. Do let us know if you need invites as we have plenty of them.

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Varun, thanks for the great post on Aardvark Mobile – we’re really excited about the app! I’d love to hear any other feedback you or your readers have –

    – Alison @ Aardvark