Google Play Web Store gets a new design

New Google Play Web Store

Google has rolled out a new design for their Google Play website that brings new card-like UI. This looks similar to the Google Play for Android v4 that was released back in April. The new Play Store redesign for the web was announced at Google I/O back in May. Google says that the  new design would make it easier to browse and discover new favorites. The new Play Store is also responsive design that adjusts automatically when you adjust the browser’s width. It also shows all the info in a single pane instead of showing dividing it using different panes.

This brings a new navigation panel on the left top corner  for Apps, Movies, Books and Devices. It also adds My wishlist and options to redeem gift card, but sadly gift cards are not available in India. When you click the navigation tab, it opens up in a separate link. There are also separate categories such as Games inside the Apps tab. The My apps section lists the apps that are installed in your device. You can no longer uninstall the apps from your devices via the web store. It just says Installed, if you have installed the app and you cannot see which apps are installed on specific devices.

Just head to to view the new Play Store. Do you like the new design ?

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Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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