Sony Ericsson’s Water Proof Casing Patent.

Cameras have become common to mobile phones. Most of the phones, which are launched have cameras. Every phone has a camera that is better than the other. Photography using camera phones is also becoming a craze recently. But everybody knows the fact that water and dust can mess up a camera in a phone. To counter the problem of water Sony Ericsson has filed a patent called “Underwater image capturing”. This will help the user to take photos underwater with the help of a normal camera phone. The images below were found on the SE Fanatics website.


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Author: Team FoneArena

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  • Sony Ericsson’s Water Proof Casing is increase the worth of sony ericsson mobile. i will purchase when it will come for my Sony Ericsson W810

  • I like how you wrote and express through your article post… Well, keep it on my friend 😉