Nokia N85 vs N82 – Part 1 : Hardware

After having brought you the Nokia N85 picture gallery review, we tackle a small comparison with its older brother, the N82. The first part of this comparison is axed on hardware and design.

Both devices bring the black plastic and shiny look in the design category. The N85’s screen is bigger and more vibrant due to its OLED technology.

The N85 is shorter, due to its slider design and also thinner, making it more pocketable and easily carried in a hand. The replacement of the useless Gallery key (N82) with a keylock key (N85) is a welcome addition as it allows to quickly lock and unlock the handset.

The N85’s other feature is its micro-USB port that allows charging the handset form a power outlet or from a computer’s USB port, that way you never run out of juice. It also charges the N85 while you transfer files over USB, making it a double duty port.

Even though the overall volume of the N85 is noticeably smaller, when you slide open the keypad you will see that it becomes much taller than the N82. The keypad designs are very different between both handsets: the N82’s keys are very small but offer a nice “click” when pressed, whereas the N85’s keys are much more flat but cover a bigger volume. Personally, I prefer the N82’s design as the feedback for typing is great, and there is basically no chance of pressing the wrong key by accident as there is a lot of space between each individual key.

The N85 also offers a dual slider design, with the multimedia keys on top (here not lit). The N82 lacks dedicated music, video, gaming keys, which prove to be of a major importance for entertainment junkies.

This wraps up the first part of our N82 vs N85 comparison, but stay tuned for part 2 that’ll bring you a camera comparison between both and part 3 for a screen and display quality comparison.

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  • Miki

    Nice, but I don’t understand why don’t you compare N86 vs N82. This N85 vs. N82 should have been done 6-8 months ago. I like your reviews very unbiased.

  • You are very right, Miki. But I only got the N85 to test a few weeks ago, and I was slow in bringing up the content to the blog. I have an N86 right now, so I’m planning on doing the same coverage for the N86 as well, with galleries, video reviews, camera comparison and all. Keep your eyes on FoneArena 😀

  • Miki

    Hey, since you’re the first one who made N86 vs. N82 comparison shot, can’t wait to see such review :). It would be also nice if you can give us more images with various “scene modes” so we can see how this works in practice. Cheers, Miki

  • Ok Miki, will do my best to make that comparison in different scene modes, like macro, sports, automatic, darkness…

  • Miki

    That would be sensational! If you check other N86 reviews you’ll notice many readers are pretty much pi$$ed and tired of boring garden/flower/tree images. What they want is some “real life” images taken on streets with cars, people walking, shop windows (day/night),monuments, some in cafe/bar/restaurant images with friends…you know as I said real life images.
    To be honest your website attracted my attention with N86 vs N82, and I have found quite good reviews you have, so you’re already in my Bookmarks! Keep the great work 🙂 Cheers, Miki

  • Thanks for the kind words Miki! I’ll make sure to keep your wishes in mind when I go off onto my photo comparison this weekend 😀

  • aaron

    here is not comparing the hardware on n82 has 128 of ram, processor 339 MHz ARM 11 Dual (x2), 5 MPX with xenon, dedicated music chip (as expres music), high resolution video, graphics tarajeta dedicated to video games, etc.

    the n85 has a lower processor speed and is a single core, 128 ram, 5mpx with dual LED chip devoted to music (as expres music, has no dedicated graphics card.

    sorry for my bad English

  • sakir

    i have buy nokia n 85 mobile
    but i have problem in this mobile
    i open any new menu phone will be restart
    and i watch movie or video song phone will be hang / or restart
    and i will update software but problem same as
    plz reply and what i can do

  • Full-house connectivity and multimedia prowess topped with a massive OLED screen to die for, Nokia N85 gives the lineup a great edge and comes out as the definitive brand-loyal upgrade. No, it will never rule the Nseries but sure has what it takes to make them tick.Really a worth for the price

  • aryan

    i need hardware power not foolish looks details

  • manipal reddy

    few months back i buy a N85 phone.
    i opend memory card and play the songs after click back, song will not played why?and also why themes and screensavers are not supported in my N85 mobile?