Metrotube for Windows Phone – Video Walkthrough

Last week I finally got a trial Nokia Lumia 800, thanks to the great people at Nokia Connects (former WOM World). Since we already have a full review by our Jon Choo up, I’ve decided to bring you bits and pieces about it, instead of a second full blown review. So in the upcoming weeks you’ll find a lot more content and thoughts about the Lumia 800 here on Fone Arena! As a little preview to my upcoming “What’s on my Windows Phone”-post, I’ve decided to do a little video walkthrough of one of my favourite apps on WP, and that’s Metrotube, by Lazyworm Apps.

Metrotube is a Youtube client for Windows Phone, formerly known as Lazytube. First of all, Metrotube is absolutely awesome looking! The guys at Lazyworm have picked up the already georgeous Metro UI, threw in a ton of features and polished all the rounds to create the best Youtube app I’ve seen in a long time. Features include a live-tile that includes notifications and a chameleon design, that adapts to your current phone theme color, a “pin videos to your homescreen” function, different video playback quality functions and much much more. I especially like the video playback choice, perfect for moments with poor coverage!

Metrotube has become one of my all time favourite apps, and you can try it very soon. The app will be in the Marketplace shortly, according to Lazyworm on Twitter, it’s already sent for approval! Meanwhile, enjoy my short video walkthrough of Metrotube!

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