Nokia Lumia 800 meets the Nokia N9


The Nokia Lumia 800 is the first device from Nokia showcasing the result of the partnership between them and Microsoft. However the phone which had really caught the imagination of smartphone enthusiasts all over the world was the Nokia N9.

Now it is very clear that the Nokia 800 borrows heavily from the design of the N9 but why change something which is obviously gorgeous ?  So what has changed between them ? Read on to take a closer look at some of the obvious (and non obvious differences) !


One look at the homescreen and you can see the world of difference between the MeeGo Harmattan OS on the N9 vs Windows Phone 7 on the 800. The WP7 operating system relies on a system of ‘Live Tiles’ which represents app icons both static and dynamic in a form of tiles.

On the other hand MeeGo Harmattan on the Nokia N9 does not include widgets in any form. What you do get are notifications of messages and call notifications on the standby screen and in the events view panel. The Nokia N9 relies on a 3 panel system varying between notifications , apps and multitasking bypassing the concept of a desktop as such. The Nokia 800 on the other hand has a secondary menu with a full listing of apps.

With Windows Phone 7.5 ie Mango, it is now possible to search for apps using the icon on the left which brings up the keyboard. Moving on to the multitasking experience , there is a fundamental difference between the two devices. The N9 lets you open as many apps as you want and displays them in a grid.

The multi tasking UI on the Nokia 800 is on the other hand is quite similar to Symbian^3. Well in looks anyways as WP7 restricts you to 6 apps at a time to ensure the best experience possible without slowing down the OS. Minor differences between the two devices also includes the style of keyboard.

Both keyboards work well and are considered to be amongst the best , most definitely leagues ahead of the one Nokia users generally deal with on Symbian devices.  While both the phones sport what is believed to be the same camera module along with Carl Zeiss Optics , the camera software on board is definitely different. You can read more about the camera on our Nokia 800 and Nokia N9 reviews , here you can see the difference in the camera interface between the two phones.


Hardware differences between the N9 and the Nokia 800 are few but definitely worth noting. At first glance the two phones are very similar. Dimensions of the two devices are almost identical down to the mm. It is pretty much impossible to differentiate between the two if spotted from the side. However there are a few key differentiating elements in the hardware as well.

The right side of the Nokia 800 sports volume keys along with a power key which acts as a screen lock key as well. An important differentiating factor here is the camera key which is missing on the Nokia N9.

Moving to the back of the phone we can spot the relocated dual LED flash.

It is easy to differentiate between the two devices from the front. The Nokia 800 has a rather large Windows logo present under the display which also acts as the home key.

The display on the Lumia 800 is a bit smaller at 3.7″ than the 3.9″ panel on the Nokia N9. The display loses 4 pixels in comparison to the N9 but is definitely bright and more importantly highly legible in sunlight.

The Nokia N9 is the first and the last MeeGo Harmattan handset. Moreover it marks the end of an era. With a limited release , Nokia has paved the path for the 800 to fill in the void for those lusting after the N9’s design. With a competitive OS , growing ecosystem and great looking hardware , the Nokia 800 marks the beginning of a new era for Nokia , one which we’re looking forward to !

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Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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  • Love this comparison, but still i think N9 is the real game changer in comparison to the Lumia 800. 

  • Franksyed

    Where r more pics? All three colors together standing on there own?

    • You want to see all the three Lumia colors standing ? 

  • nuno pinheiro

    it does not lose 4 pixels it loses 54X480 pixels 800×480 (lumia) 854×480 (N9)

    the N9 has a front facing camera the Lumia does not

    the N9 has 1Gb of memory the Lumia has 500 mb

    Lumia as more apps thsn the N9

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    all these phones touchscreens.

    The latest on offer by Nokia is their new Nokia 701. It’s a
    power-packed phone which is bound get those Nokia fanatics excited. It comes preloaded
    with the all new Symbian Belle OS, a 1 GHz processor and a 3D graphics hardware
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    The Nokia N8, which was released a while back, is for those
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  • so what do you suggest to buy? and what do you expect Lumia 800 price to be? I still think it will take wp7 a year to have some good apps and get some features like NFC etc. i will wait for next big Nokia windows phone, i know its very stable and all, but i think meego can run android apps in future.

    • Go for the Lumia 800. Price should be around Rs. 25,000

  • Raj

    Got a new Nokia Asha 300 from Nokia to review…

  • For me its the N9, got mine from in the USA two weeks and it is one amazing device… Anytime I use an ios or android device now it feels so antiquated without being able to switch apps by swiping.

    So really disappointing that nokia are not making more meego devices – it would be good if like samsung they kept their own homegrown OS around for game changing devices such as the N9.

    Still struggling with the wp7 decision…
    1) Symbian was looking promising with Anna and Belle giving the OS new life
    2) Meego may not have the apps but with a big trusted manufacturer like nokia behind the platform they would have come and with the one platform for all devices (QT) apps would be compatible across operating systems
    3) Nokia do not own the wp7 app store, this means they no longer get a cut of each app purchase – given that I just bought 2 apps on my N9 today they made additional money from me today for doing nothing…  Once wp7 take over this revenue stream vanishes!
    4) Differentiation – apart from some nokia specific apps which XDA will easily copy off and allow installation on other wp7 devices.  Without their own OS they are simply a handset maker like HTC etc…  Sure HTC are doing very well but they rely on other companies in order to produce their smartphones.
    5) Hardware Differentiation – at least android supports multiple hardware configurations allowing  device manufacturers some room in what they put into the device – dual core etc..  There is no such luck with wp7, microsoft set all the rules here…
    6) Dual Core – The N9 is a great device and does so much with a processor that is from last year and is a single core processor.  This shows how good the meego developers are to have optimized this platform to the point where it is buttery smooth, I wish the same could be said of android, my experience has been anything but smooth on anything less than dual core.
    7) The N9 uses old hardware – nothing against the N9 (I think its an amazing device) however nokia are currently lacking the experience with the newer processor tech and with the quad core CPU devices coming nokia are still building single core devices.  They may be working with these devices in their r&d departments but they have released yet proving to the consumers that they have the capability.
    8) WP7 is off to a great start so far (sarcism!) with extremely low interest levels with consumers, its not really a good basket for nokia to put all their egges into.  Dont get me wrong I am all for choice in terms of platforms but right now without an alternative such as meego, maemo or even symbian it will be android for me as ios and wp7 just do not interest me.  Judging by wp7s low numbers so far I am guessing I am not alone.

    I wish nokia all the best BUT if they go 100% wp7 the N9 will be my last nokia device…