HTC Desire HD coming to India soon followed by Desire Z

We just learnt the HTC is planning to launch it’s latest Android handset the Desire HD in India within a week. The Desire Z will also be launched soon but there is no clarity on the timeline.Seems like there is more market demand for the Desire HD than Desire Z

We are also hearing the retail price will be around Rs.35000 for the Desire HD in India and the handset is already available in grey market without warranty for Rs.40000 and above. We are also hearing that the grey market price is getting reduced as the official launch is nearing

Who is looking forward to buy the Desire HD in India ?

You can check out our live pics of the Desire HD and Z straight from London

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Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

  • I am surely going to take it if its with in the 30K bracket.

  • Manu

    do u know whether desire z launched in india? if so how much does it cost?

  • yugam

    i m desperate to buy desire z………….please come ASAP

  • Jaimin

    I am willing to buy desire hd below 30K only. If it comes within that bracket then I am surely going to buy. Presently SGS is a good deal below30k. Are there chances of SGS price going down?

  • Earnest

    The Desire Z is far more “desirable” with it’s keyboard. I’d be very interested depending on the price point. Sadly 35,000 for the HD is quite out of my budget.

  • ashok

    COMMON friends .. HTC given HD7 ,HD pro and many new model all over the world dont waste in buying desire .. go for Best latest android market

  • Bhaskar

    Hope fonearena’s sources of this news are reliable. I am almost dying by waiting for this phone for 2 months in India.

  • Shankar

    With an unlocked Google Nexus S for $529 (Rs.24,000), such price range for Desire HD would be a rip-off.

    Yes, I know Nexus S is available only in US (for now), but again lets face it – with a 10K different, I’m sure we’ll find ways to get it from USA, than to shell out 10K more in India.

    But again, Nexus S has Gingerbread on it while Desire HD is only Froyo. I hope HTC has this in mind, when they set the price.

  • gagan

    Hey, i m dying to buy diz phone. m waitin 4rm da past couple of months. best thing is itz android 2.2 and htc provides updates also 4 da o.s. u can litteraly upgrade to gingerbread aftr sum mnths. best flick in mobile markt.gnna buy it asap.

  • dee qwerty

    Its an amazing phone……….with a massive screen and nice aluminium body.
    But only negative aspect of this device is a small battery(1230mAh) to power a screen that large.
    And I don’t like charging my phone every evening.
    Better wait for nexus s with gingerbread and same specks at a cheaper price. (around 24k).

  • ken

    Yes. 30K thats it. Not more than and its (not any mobile) not worth for more than 30k (why shouldn’t I buy second laptop instead of 30k mobile). In India, it should be less than 30 k. If its around 29-30k then take my word it will rock the Indian market. Can beat Samsung Galaxy S & ofcourse the mighty iPhone.

    HTC marketing manager read this……