Nokia launching Windows Phone 7 powered phone?

Recently, we saw Nokia dumped Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, and picked Stephen Elop as a new President and CEO of Nokia, who was on a senior rank in Microsoft before joining Nokia. And now Venturebeat is reporting that Nokia is going to launch a Windows Phone 7 powered phone in future. May be the new CEO is now making some moves, and if he wants to do that, then he can because he is a CEO and President of the company. And at the moment, Microsoft is looking for manufactures to come and make WP7 powered phones for them so they can stay in the market strongly against Android, iOS and others, and Nokia is currently the leader in mobile market, and Nokia mobile phones are known as the most reliable phones. So if Nokia and Windows combine, then they will make a better combination. As Anssi Vanjoki said that moving to Android is peeing in pant for warmth, what do you people think about moving to Windows?

via WMPU

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  • techieg

    It will be a good idea for Nokia to deliver WP7 device as well as its own Symbian which, like Blackberry, is losing market share anyway.

    The loser at this point is HP who seems to be trying to deliver with WebOS, a mobile OS that will not go anywhere, when it should also deliver fresh mobile devices for WP7 as opposed to its previous ugly iPac.

  • nokia3660

    No way… Nokia has got its hands full with S^3/S^4 and the much awaited MeeGo. Venturing into Win7 will actually look like a desperate move.

    Nokia has a lot riding on the sucess on MeeGo and all there resources will be aimed at doing that.. So dream on guys, but you can only dream, a Win7 powered Nokia

  • then nokia wp7 for u.s.a market

  • nokia already has android contract then y wud it waste its money on windows…if u dnt knw then nokia is one of the investers of android

  • Sinbad

    This make perfect sense for Nokia. Nokia is good in hardware and early indications show that WP7 will rule. The only way Nokia can survive is to adopt WP7 or Android . It would be good to stay with WP7 right now, because of several reasons
    1) Android cannot be a choice anyway because at the low end market Nokia needs to compete with Android phones in the market.
    2) So far indications, WP7 will be nothing short of a blockbuster. Microsoft with its strengths of cash and infrastructure within two three years they can easily ensure that WP7 survives.
    3) Android market is getting too fragmented and compared to the 15$ license fees MS charges, development over Android is much costlier.
    4) Nokia gets an out – of- the- box platform which is guaranteed success, at the same time they have enough scope for differentiation. XBOX-Zune-Office integration itself is a pure sell.
    5) It’s hard to believe Nokia can turn around Meego or Symbian which can compete with Android or iPhone. Even if they do , by the time they do it, market have moved ahead.

    So nothing insane about this. Then there are Droid fans , MS fans, Apple fans, Symbian fans Meego fans either trying to save jobs or trying to save investments. But day by day its becoming clearer that Android and WP7 will be the remaining platforms in the race. Of which I see possibly WP7 will emerge as the leading platform in 4 years timeframe. In two years’ time Android may put up a show , but compared to the infrastructure MS can put up and money they can throw at this, it’s difficult to assume Android emerging as the main platform. MS has the inherent capability to chase and beat, its proven time and again. One can argue it happened only in PC, but it seems that’s happening everywhere now take XBOX take Silverlight . There are failed project with MS but they had either stopped at very early stage, and if they continue they are formidable force. I believe MS will never discontinue WP7 as its going to be their bread and butter for the next several years. There is an early advantage for Microsoft if Nokia adopts WP7, but for Nokia it’s going to be last chance in the smartphone segment !

  • So basically they are over 250,000 behind iOS and 150,000 (?) behind Android. Also there are 120 million iOS devices out there and counting, and however many Android phones have sold. What’s the pull for developers to develop for this new OS and what’s the pull for consumers to buy it? I’m constantly reminded of Steve Ballmer laughing after the iPhone was announced and saying how they are selling millions of phones and Apple was selling zero. Google was also selling zero. I know that Google doesn’t sell phones but neither does Microsoft. Now Microsoft and Nokia are the underdogs and these new boys are becoming the powerhouses and the standards to live up to in the mobile world. It’s a lesson to everyone to continue to innovate and not rest because you don’t think anyone else will be able to crack into your established market.

  • These new handsets look wonderful, I will be sad to see Symbian go.It would be nice to be able to upgrade my N8 to WP7 though….

  • Ashish

    Nokia has been struggling to keep up with the market trends because of its policy of sticking to Symbian. Hope this new move will give Nokia loyal fans something new to cheer about.